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Netflix Finally Available in Australia - Blog

Posted on: 25-03-2015

After much speculation, Netflix has finally become (officially) available to Australians. This was a smart move by the movie and TV show streaming service, as many Australians were already accessing its content via VPNs or other tricks to bypass their frankly weak blocking methods. It is also good news to content providers (the TV show and movie publishers) as people are less likely to download the content illegally with Netflix being quite affordable.

Foxtel, who have had the monopoly on premium TV content for many years now have some more competition, along with Optus' relatively new pay TV service, Fetch. This is all good news for the consumer, as these services will compete in both price and availability of content.

The only issue remaining with Netflix is that Australians have access to much less content; about 15% of the content available to US subscribers. They've still got a little work to do, but it's certainly a step is the right direction in reducing piracy. Netflix offer a free 30 day trial and their "Basic" plans is $8.99 per month, so worth giving it a go!

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