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Windows 8 Update to Address Complaints - Blog

Posted on: 20-05-2013

If you haven't used it yet, Windows 8 ships with most new desktop and laptop computers and some tablet devices. Head to your local shopping centre's computer shop and check it out; see if you find it as frustrating to use as many people do. Windows 8 is the biggest interface overhaul since Windows 95, which introduced the “Start” button. The “Start” button and menu has been completely removed in Windows 8 and replaced with a touchscreen-friendly “tile” interface similar to that found on Windows Phone based mobile phones.

The tiled interface makes sense for touchscreen devices, but the majority of Windows 8 devices are still desktop and laptop computers using a mouse and keyboard primarily. Windows 8 can be easy to learn for new users, but a steep learning curve for people used to previous Windows versions. There is additional software from third-party companies that can “restore” Windows 8 to look and behave much more like previous Windows versions, but such software should not be needed.

Microsoft will soon be offering an upgrade for Windows 8 users called Windows 8.1. The release date has not yet been announced and details on what the Windows 8.1 upgrade will include are scarce. Microsoft has suggested that they have listened to users' major complaints with the new operating system and will be addressing those primarily. It is not clear if the “Start” button is returning, but it is suggested that Windows 8.1 will allow for better customisation of the interface. It is also not yet clear whether or not the upgrade will be free.

A beta release will be available soon, allowing users to get a preview of changes to the operating system. We will be testing Windows 8.1 once this is available and determine if we think it is time to make the switch to Windows 8 or if we should stick with Windows 7 for a bit longer.

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