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Not ANY Anti-virus Will Do - Blog

Posted on: 13-05-2013

One might think that having ANY anti-virus software is better than none. This is not always the case. In my experience as a computer technician I have seen some of the obscure brands of anti-virus software let common viruses straight through, nag about upgrading or false-positives and even worse, corrupt Windows system files, preventing the computer from starting up.

Some of the more obscure brands of anti-virus software, such as those that may come bundled with your new computer purchase, often aren't particularly well tested and may have conflicts with other software on your system. This may stop you doing your work. I have even seen computers become unusable due to certain anti-virus software corrupting Windows system files or conflicting with Windows features. You'd think they could at least get that side of things worked out before releasing their software.

At very least, you may find they bother you with false-positives (files the anti-virus software thinks is a virus, but is not) and let a lot more viruses through that some of the better brands of software.

Just like anything in life, when it comes to anti-virus software you almost always get what you pay for. Free anti-virus software such as Microsoft's Security Essentials will do the trick if you're not doing anything too dangerous on the Internet. However, if you are the type who likes to frequent "adult leisure websites" or download a few torrents, you might need something a little tougher.

My suggestion is to stick to the main brands when it comes to anti-virus software: Symantec (Norton), Kaspersky and McAfee. These guys have been around for decades, so have well-tested software that's not going to bother you with false-positives, conflicts with other programs and usually have the most up-to-date virus databases, meaning you will get the best and latest protection with them.

You might get away with using one of the free ones if you use your computer just for email. But the $80 per year or less is worth it for paid anti-virus. Just consider what it might cost to have a technician come to your house and remove a virus you might get or even worse, consider what might happen if a hacker gets into your bank account or gets your credit card!

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